Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grains trial

I've been just over 2 full weeks with no grains and no dairy, and I'm feeling pretty awesome most of the time. I had planned a small trial of some brown basmati rice with dinner tonight and so far I haven't had any stomach upset or anything, but I noticed that even though I ate 6 oz of meat, a cup of veggies, plenty of fats, and 1/2c of rice for dinner, I'm hungry again. Right now it's about an hour after dinner.

To me, that's an indicator that I got an insulin spike from the rice. I ate the same meal last week with some sweet potato and had no problems. So, even though I had already packed my lunch for tomorrow (a repeat of dinner) I took it all out, threw away the rice, and replaced it with my usual 3 oz sweet potato.

I guess I'm not ready to go back to grains yet :(

That's okay though. I'm really enjoying most of the food so far, I'm not usually hungry, I have few if any cravings, my moods have improved a LOT, I'm exercising fairly regularly and I'm seeing some weight loss.

No complaints here. I never, ever thought I would say this, but I don't even miss the dairy or grains! And to be honest, I like eating sweet potato with my meals more than I enjoyed the rice, hehe.

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