Saturday, January 30, 2010

The right diet leads to more daily maintenance and I announce this weekend's baking experiment.

For the last few days I've been thinking, "my nails are getting pretty long... I should cut them!" Then two nights ago in the shower the same thought was followed by, "wow, they seem to be growing really fast... I really need to trim these things off before I poke my eye out!"

I've always had pretty healthy natural nails. Occasionally they will break, but for the most part they are strong, long and have been the object of envious glances from some women, usually ones with acrylics.

I used to do things with them as a teen (some things I don't want to admit to, such as growing out a long crack nail, piercing it with a hot paperclip and making jewelery for it) but lately they have just been a nuisance. Even more so now that they seem to be growing out of control! I guess it's probably all the protein I'm eating...

This weekend's baking experiment involves blanched almond flour. I'm going to make a vanilla cake with cherry filling and dark chocolate frosting. If it goes well I'll post the recipe!

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